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  1. The article fits me to a t. Horrible child hood. Messed up coping mechanisms. Because of all the abnormalities I saw growing up.
    The bottom line what we need more of. Love!! 1 year and 4 months sober and finally my memory recognition is getting better accompanied with my word retrieval.

    • Hi Al, thanks for your comment and congratulations on your recovery – as I mentioned in a blog “love is the drug we have been looking for” -horrible childhoods can lead to a reduction in the so-called loved chemical oxytocin so we may have been looking to redress this deficit of the love chemical via drugs and alcohol and pseudo families of drug taking friends which artificially raise the levels of this hormone. We may have been regulating our emotions also by external means as we never fully learnt how to do this in childhood. Finally the earned or learnt attachment of recovery groups can help us tremendously also as they allow us a facility for learning to live with others and with ourselves. They provide us with a loving environment in which to grow. All the best, Paul

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