How Insecure Attachment Effects the Neglected Brain

Following our from our blog Is Addiction an Attachment Disorder?  we look at a videos that explains a figure in this blog by Dr Perry which shows the different levels of the brain and illustrates how brains may be affected by neglect and and insecure attachment.

These are quite technical but I urge you to bear with them as they show some really useful insight into the consequence of neglect on the brain, especially the second video.

These slides may help also show, in relation to many previous blogs,  how impairments in the recruiting of prefrontal/cortical areas of the brain by emotions (as the result of emotional processing deficits, i.e. emotions not differentiated and then cortically processed and regulated which then activate first limbic (emotional)  regions of the brain before then activating a fight or flight response of lower regions of the brain like the cerebullum and brain stem) which can result in e.g. distress based impulsivity and other maladptive behaviours associated with substance and behavioural addictions such as the tendency to discount gains. lack of perseverance, acting rashly, be emotional reactive etc.

The last video is by Dr Flores, author of “Addiction as an Attachment Disorder” and explains how group therapy of various types can help individuals learn a new attachment to peers going through similar issues.



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