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When does Recovery Become Durable?

When does sobriety for today predict sobriety for a life time?

When does the risk of relapse plummet?

How long do you have to be in recovery before this risk falls below 15% which is a figure used with other diseases?

According to William White it is constantly demonstrated to be between four and five years recovery! For opioid dependence it is a little longer. Even at 5 years there still appears to be a 25% relapse rate in this group.

The 5 year mark for durable recovery is the same as with other major disease states such as cancer. Unlike cancer there is really never any effective follow up with those in recovery although there is after care with, say, cancer. Why should this be the case?

Why are recovery people not monitored and followed routinely for 5 years?

In other words, why do recovering people, recovering from the devastating consequences of addiction not get the same medical care?


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