inside the alcoholic brain

Just to Confuse You!!?

Inside the Alcoholic Brain has moved “theme” to the old theme of The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism! Just to really confuse you!?

As if I had confused you enough already!!?

This is it, no more changes.


The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism has moved to a new blog theme also! This blog theme is way more easy to read and more in keeping with my intention to keep blogs below 600 words and to be more about recovery from addiction rather than the disease/disorder of addictive behaviour.

I have done this because I felt the old theme for Inside the Alcoholic Brain was way too wordy and off putting for potential readers.

I have also lost one of the three columns on the blog page in order to make the blog site easier to read. I hope you agree?

Please drop me a comment to let me know if you think these changes have improved the readability and accessibility of this blog.

Thank you.


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