What is Addictive Behaviour?

In this blogsite we will be asking and attempting to give answers to the following questions
1. What is addictive behaviour?
2. How is it defined?
3. What are the neurobiological models of addiction –
dopaminergic positive reinforcement models,
stress based negative reinforcement models
and thirdly a model of addiction which combines both these models – the model we subscribe to in this blog and which we have contributed towards in a comprehensive theoretical review article, outlining our model.
4. Are there are additional factors which need to be included in a theory of addiction?
What are these factors e.g do cognitive-affective mechanisms interact with altered brain neurobiology in the addiction cycle?
Again we believe that cognitive-affective factors such as stress and emotion dysregulation play in intitiating and sustaining additive beahaviour?
5. Are their underlying similarities in all addictive behaviours? If so, what are these common underlying mechanism?
6. Does environment play a role in the risk of later addictive behaviours?
7. Do genetics play a role in these theories of addiction?
8. Are present definitions and theories of additive behaviour accurate or adequate enough?
9. Our proposal for a re-definition of addictive behaviour?
10. The two theoretical models to which we subscribe?
Click on this link to get started What is Addictive Behaviour? 

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