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Using DERS to differentiate between alcoholism and so-called co-morbidities

Throughout our blogs thus far, we have proposed that alcoholism is a psychiatric disorder in it’s own right. It may have “co-morbidities” such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or post traumatic stress disoder (PTSD) and so on but these do not necessarily fully account for the manifestation of […]

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The blog will discuss the purely academic side, or neuroscientific side of this neurobiological disease –  it sets out a simple premise, irrespective of where recovery is achieved, AA or elsewhere or unaided, which states, in the hundreds of alcoholics we have met, there appears to be an emotional […]


Hi and welcome to our blog which marries empirical neuroscientific evidence of what happens to the brain – how various functions and regions of the brain are “hijacked” – in the transition to full blown alcoholism – so that the alcoholic (or addict) ends up having limited control […]


This blog will discuss research into the neuroscience of alcoholism (and addiction) and propose theoretical models to help us understand how the brain of an alcoholic is hijacked during the progression of alcoholism, from pre-morbid vulnerability, initial use, abuse to eventual compulsive, addictive behaviour. It will also discuss […]

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