Spiritual Malady?



From Inside the Alcoholic Brain


In Modern Terms What is the “Spiritual Malady” of AA?”



From The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism

The following blogs are a collection of blogs from our sister blog which is dedicated to explaining what it is like to suffer from and recover from alcoholism and other addictive behaviours.

It uses the “language of the heart”  rather than intellectual discourse to describe the spiritual malady/emotional disease often said to be at heart of addictive bahaviours.

We feel this ancedotal evidence of emotional dysfunction in addicted individuals has the potential to greatly help research probe more deeply into certain areas of addictive behaviours.

We believe lived reality can greatly aid research and point to relevant and important areas of further exploration to help more fully understand this chronic disorder while also offering new ways of helping in it’s treatment.

Most people who recover from addictive behaviours do so via recovery communities of one sort or other, via identifying with the stories of recovery heard by listening to others share how they recovered and then following the same steps they took to recover themselves.

It is important for research to learn much more about how these recovery communities work and attempt to explain why?


The Roots of All Our Troubles

This Fleshy Hunger

There is a map of  emotional responding tattooed on my heart

The discordant echoes of the past

You are enough, we are enough!

One from the heart

Progress not Perfection


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