Excellent blogs on shame and how it relates to disorders like addiction and how it needs to be addressed in recovery

Blogs on Shame

From Inside the Alcoholic Brain 




Post-traumatic shame and guilt

Shame is a soul eating emotion

Shame about the past related to not recovering in the present?

When sex is about more  than pleasure

Unveiling the Hidden Self

The Case of George…


shame quote-on-stigma-29-healthyplace


From The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism


There is a Map of Emotional Responding Tattooed on my Heart 

The discordant echoes of the past 

You are enough – We are enough

The Shame at the Heart of Addiction 

Shame keeps you ill



This article is a review of the idea that shame is a master emotion affect other negative emotions in a tapestry of affect.

Shame the Master Emotion?

little prince download

The Shame at the Heart of Addiction

For me, over the last ten years,  it has become very clear that the toxic shame ingrained in my brain, from early childhood maltreatment, is at the core of my addictive behaviours.

I will be posting here on this page on the role of shame in addictive behaviour and how to address shame in recovery.

This video is the fifth out of six videos  and brilliantly describes how shame activates and maintains addictive behaviours – I urge you to watch all of these videos.

Becoming a Human Being not a Human Doing

Great insight here in how we need to become vulnerable and trusting in order to recover from the shame that drives our addictive behaviours.

Ultimately recovery becomes a process of becoming more human!

Allowing yourself to become more human…the healing in recovery involves the healing of human relationships.

Shame and Guilt

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