This page is dedicated to looking at the contributory role post traumatic stress disorder and other trauma effects have on severity of addictive behaviours.

This page will also look at treatment for PTSD and Complex PTSD and trauma which have been used in conjunction with addiction treatments or separately.

For us, PTSD and especially Complex PTSD  is one co-morbidity that appears to play a distinct and important role in addictive behaviour, and poses additional problems to treatment and recovery, thus contributing additionally to relapse.


Blogs on PTSD (and addictive behaviours)

How trauma becomes ingrained in the brain

PTSD as Emotional Habit Bias

Post-traumatic shame and guilt

Shame is a soul eating emotion


An insight into how trauma may be healed

Why Behaviour Becomes Unreasonable?

EMDR in the Addiction Continuing Care Process

EMDR in the Addiction Continuing Care Process (Part 2) 


Do the 12 steps help with post-traumatic stress disorder?

How 12 step group participation helps  in the treatment  of PTSD

The effectiveness of EMDR therapy on clients with addictions – part 1 

Reprocessing Your Past

What is Complex PTSD?



How does EMDR work?

How does EMDR Work -Part 2?


emdr-right (1)


How does the Brain “react” to EMDR?

Treating the effects of Trauma in It’s Infancy: Maltreated Children and EMDR.

fpsyg-06-01662-g001 (1)

Treating Trauma

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