Genetics and At Risk Vulnerability 


Genetic Vulnerability to alcoholism

Genetic inheritance – is it decision making deficits that are inherited?

Predicting resilience or vulnerability to later alcoholism?

Genetics and Types of Alcoholics? 



Greater stimulation and reward from alcohol predicts AUDs

A low subjective response to alcohol predicts later problems.

Childhood Maltreatment Predicts Later Alcoholism

Age of first drink predicts subsequent alcohol dependence?

A family history of alcoholism affects response to an alcohol cue.

Stress and emotional dysregulation are markers of later risk of alcoholism.

Are emotional processing deficits inherited in alcoholics?

At Risk Adolescents have Emotional Dysregulation?

Family history of alcoholism interacts with alcohol to affect brain regions involved in behavioral inhibition





Some Blogs 0n Genetics and Addiction:-


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